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Entry #1

The Monkeysphere

2008-07-13 23:43:34 by hoorayformeallright

I just found out about this scientific theory called "Dunbar's Number" or "The Monkeysphere." It's pretty cool.

Basically, scientists have noticed that monkeys travel in groups that go up to almost exact numbers and no higher. For example, spider monkeys could travel in groups up to 120 (I made up this number). Once a spider monkey KNOWS 119 other spider minkeys, it will no longer care about other monkeys. If it meets one outside its monkeysphere, it will attack it!

So the scientist started dissecting monkey brains and apparently if you take the volume of the brain and the volume of the "neocortex" and plug it into this equation:

log(N) = 0.093 + 3.389 log(CR) (1) (r2=0.764, t34=10.35, p<0.001)

where N is the monkey group size and CR is the volume of the brain minus the volume of the neocortex (or something) you can figure out the group size!! Crazy eh?

SO THEN they tried it on a human brain, and OUR neocortexes tell us that the human monkeysphere is around 150. WHAT?!?!?! So we can only know 150 people before we just don't care anymore.

This whole monkeysphere thing might even relate to war, racism, careless driving, and other stuff. Something to ponder is that, according tothis theory, cities go against human evolution because we can't comprehend groups that big. Maybe this is why cities are a much colder environment than small towns- nobody opens the door for you, nobody says hello to you, etc. Interesting...


-A guy at my work named David

-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkeysp here


I'm working on contacting bands to ask if I can make a music video for them. If that doesn't work I may have to buy a microphone and start making my own flashes... BLARGH

Oh well.

The Monkeysphere


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2008-07-15 12:03:57

can people have it as a pet?

hoorayformeallright responds:

Sure can, Shalo walrus!